Our History:

AWESOMENESS was founded by Professor AWESOMENESS in 2015. Since then, it has flourished into the global organisation it is today. Below are some of the AWESOMENESS projects:

Master Clubs:

The Master Clubs are just that: Clubs that meet (usually every week) to improve in its chosen area, until its members are masters at the subject! The most popular of the Master Clubs is the New Maths Master Club (current version of the Math Master Club - it changed a few things, as well as adopted the British spelling of "Maths"). The New Maths Master Club features teaching from world class mathematicians. Other Master Clubs include: English, Music, Chess, I.T., Gaming and Cubing.


AWESOMENESS wouldn't be a nation without a flag, would it? And if AWESOMENESS weren't a nation, then... well, erm, then that would be unthinkable - pigs would fly and this website would be easy to build! :) The flags were also created by Professor AWESOMENESS.

lol :)


AWESOMENESS has recently undergone a change in leadership and as such we have a democratic constitution. The members vote on all decisions and no-one is above the supreme law of the nation.


Believe me when I say that there are literally hundreds more things I could put on this page. AWESOMENESS has done so many things; it's quite incredible! However, the website would probably crash if I included them all, so suffice it to say that AWESOMENESS is just AWESOME.

Maybe not, but certainly so in this nation!