Our Areas:

Here are our main fields.


The beauty of mathematics captured AWESOMENESS immediately. Its pure logic is what we love most about it. AWESOMENESS contains members who have been to the IMO, and who are at the top of the mathematical field.

Gaming: (Nintendo)

Probably our favourite area is gaming. Our favourite thing to do here at AWESOMENESS is to play Mario games, like the ever-great Galaxy series and Odyssey. And for all those who hate on Mario, we have a member at AWESOMENESS whose colourful language is what you deserve.


We do love our chess here at AWESOMENESS, and for good reason. While not as highly regarded as mathematics or gaming, the pure logic of the game, coupled with the feeling of pleasure experienced while crushing a loved one, is beyond compare.


This mainly refers to the classical music geniuses like Mozart, or the Baroque or Romantic periods, but we occasionally venture into the realm of popular music here at AWESOMENESS.

Information Technology:

Here at AWESOMENESS we love coding and creating virtual phenomena. Just a few examples are this website, our presentations and our YouTube Channel.


Cubing is solving cubes (like the Rubik's Cube) and other puzzles competitively. More interesting than it seems, it has got a firm grip on our attention and time here at AWESOMENESS.


AWESOMENESS is constantly evolving as an organisation, and thus there are many more fields that may soon become our interests. The main one is table tennis, and other sports like cricket are contenders.