Here are the current Awesomites. You are encouraged to become one yourself!

Professor AWESOMENESS:                                                                                                             

Founder of AWESOMENESS and co-president of our great nation, Professor AWESOMENESS is arguably the most important figure AWESOMENESS has ever known. He has done the most for AWESOMENESS.


Aaronius is the other president of AWESOMENESS. His vision has always been to improve AWESOMENESS, right from the very start. AWESOMENESS is confident that he, together with Professor AWESOMENESS, will continue this Awesome organisation. 


Chairman of AWESOMENESS and Chief Financial Officer, Wade plays an important in the day-to-day running of this organisation. While nowhere near the level of the presidents, he tries very hard for our nation, and we are grateful for that.


Also known as the Shegoink, Smomo is crucial to the functioning of AWESOMENESS, as she provides the food. She is also the public/private protector and the Secretary of Sporting Affairs. 

Collection & People:                                                                                                                          

While no authority is given to these fine fellows in the new AWESOMENESS, these members of AWESOMENESS have devoted their entire lives to the organisation, and so they are the most honourable a member of AWESOMENESS can be.