Here it is; the list every Awesomite dreams of occupying:

10) Gamer- This awesome gamer has entertained us with his videos for years!

9) Master Luma - He like hats. (And Cappy)

8) Yoshi - The one and only Yoshi from the Super Mario franchise takes up the 8th spot!

7) eehn-Cooh! - eenh-Cooh! is simply AWESOME, and is entirely worthy of his position.

6) CHUBBY - So low down simply because he's new!

5) HADDYGIRL - AWESOMENESS comes in small packages!

4) Biffs - There's nothing to say except - "Oh Biffs!"

2) Professor AWESOMENESS & Aaronius - A tie for second by the 2 Presidents!

1) Villy - This is trivial!

*Red names not stated due to privacy issues*